About Us

About Us


Rejoice Africa Foundation was founded in 2020 and registered in the NGO bureau as Non-profit NGO in 2022 to operate in the Republic of Uganda. working on three programs 1. climate restoration. 2. Health for all. 3. Poverty alleviation.

  • 01 Our Mission

    Building resilience against climate change and its impacts in Uganda.

  • To strengthen the capacity of grassroots communities in Uganda in preventing and alleviating climate change risks, and ensure that no life is jeopardized due to climate change impacts.

  • 1, Identify multifaceted responses to conserve the environment ,ecosystem and mitigate climate change . 2, To promote sanitation and hygiene for grassroots communities through establishment to improve air quality , reduce water bone diseases and ensure that there's shelter and sufficient food . 3, Collaborate and involve grassroots communities to find and implement solutions to avert climate change induced poverty.