Humanitarian Aid

The occurrence of unexpected events can significantly impact local communities exposing them to several challenges. Most of these communities are already vulnerable and therefore, such events worsen their situation placing them in a far bad state. To avert this situation, providing humanitarian aid to those in need is essential. Our humanitarian aid is tailored to our strategic goals and targeted towards grassroots communities in Uganda. The focus is on the most vulnerable and affected segments of local communities. The areas we work in face access challenges and therefore, any form of aid is of benefit to them. We provide urgent support which includes but is not limited to financial, medical and educational support. We also provide humanitarian aid kits, disseminate information and conduct research for disaster and emergency response programs. Our aim is to deliver essential humanitarian aid to communities so that they can meet basic needs like food, housing, health, education, among others. This allows them to overcome the mental and psychological impacts surrounding loss and focus on re-building their lives. In addition, given that children are the most vulnerable in times of humanitarian crises, distributing essential humanitarian aid to them and their families reduces the impact crises have on children and provides the much-needed support they need to get through the crises. We aim at responding swiftly and efficiently to local humanitarian crises in Uganda to make a significant impact.